Jacque Fresco & The Venus Project

You may not of heard of Jacque Fresco. He is no longer alive, but he is a hero of mine. He has earned my respect because I've listened carefully to his words and ideas, and agree with pretty much all of them. He has a refreshing, logical approach to things which just makes sense. For me at least, his words just ring true.

I advise everyone to find out as much as you can about him. There are lots of videos on YouTube and he also wrote a number of books and recorded various audio lectures. He spent his entire life trying to share and promote his ideas and built quite a following. However to date, none of his more grandiouse plans came to fruition. The problem is that the people that are currently in power are doing all they can to stay in power and keep things the way they are as it suits their personal needs.

A good introduction to his work can be found in the following video:

Here are some more great videos. There is some repetition from the one above - He tended to repeat his message a lot to try and get it to as many people as possible: