Men Go Their Own Way

The MiGTOW movement is a growing group of young men that are disenchanted with the opposite sex. YouTubers such as Taylor The Fiend and Joker / Better Bachelor create content to highlight the negative aspects of getting into relationships in the modern world.

The key objections are that all women are trying to win the top 1% of men and the top 1% of men are having one-night-stands with them and moving on. These men are not interested in settling down into serious relationships, because they understand that it's a trap. It's a risk - the chances of getting divorced and lumbered with child support and constant nagging from women that are never satisfied - always demanding more. Other than some bedroom fun, these men are not really getting anything from the deal, so for them there is really no advantage to committing to a long term relationship.

The other 99% of average or 'normal' men who would be happy to commit to a serious relationship are invisible to women. Because they are not the absolute highest quality in terms of attractiveness, status or wealth. After being ignored, rejected, shamed and insulted over and over again, they stop trying. They focus on their careers and their hobbies and spending time with friends. They turn to porn to satisfy their needs - and this has all of the convenience and ease without any of the headaches.

It is a worrying trend. Will the future be a mess of broken marriages, single mums, cheaters and casual daters that are too afraid to commit to anything serious?