Jase Burner Completes Tour Of Gresford

Some years ago I purchased an old Raleigh Mag Burner BMX from the local Facebook Marketplace. The bike had seen better days and was in need of much love and attention. It was missing wheels and pads, and most of the components were rusty and not fit for purpose.

Back in 1982 I got a Raleigh Chopper for Christmas and the BMX craze kicked off not long after. My parents said I couldn't have one because I had just had a new bike - so I missed the whole BMX thing. It always bothered me and now 40 years later, my dream has been realised.

I purchased some new mag wheels, tyres and innertubes, pads, brakes, brake cables, chain, seat post, seat and pedals. I stripped the bike down and with some help from a friend of a friend (Rupert Edwards) got the bottom bracket removed. I took it to my friend Raj's workshop (Autoflock). Raj helped me to sandblast and powdercoat the frame and handle bars.

Due to a lack of some of the tools, I was unable to attach the new chain or get the bottom bracket and crank refitted. I asked some friends for help, but they always seemed to be busy, and several years went by. But recently one of my old work colleagues who has retired (Adrian Pountney) was able to come over and get the job finished.

When I was young, all the children would ride their bikes around the housing estate and around the village and I was able to recapture this experience. I decided I would visit every road, street and culdisack within the Gresford East and West council ward. It took several trips, but I have now completed this mission. You can follow my cycling activities from my Strava profile.