If I Ruled

Have you ever imagined being the world dictator? What would you change?

In my case it would be critical that I remain anonymous because I would likely be the most unpopular and despised person to have ever lived! My views on things are very different to the views of most people.

Firstly - my ban of all religion would cause a huge amount of resentment. Enforcing this ban would require a huge army - that would be in constant conflict. What to do with those that refuse to obey? Killing them would be off the table - as we would be likely talking of billions of people.

My ban on football and alcohol would also not go down particularly well! These 3 things alone would alienate me from most of the population. There would be tight controls on population with a view to dramatically reducing it.

Every instituion would need to be radically changed under my rule and the world would look very different to the world we know today. A huge building project would begin to provide underground buildings. All above-surface buildings would be demolished (As much as possible) and replaced with woodland park gardens.

If you've read this far and find yourself becoming enraged, anxious or in panic - you can relax. There is absolutely zero chance that I will ever become the world dictator. In fact I have almost zero power or influence whatsoever. I am sure I will never even get my own private island.

Facing this gloomy reality, as-per-usual technology steps in to offer me a glimmer of hope...

We are at the very early stages of a transition. We are moving slowly but surely toward living ever increasingly inside digital virtual worlds. Perhaps I can find peace and happiness living in 'Jaseworld' - A world of my own making - where I get to make all the rules. A world where I decide who gets to visit and what they are permitted to do. Will anyone actually want to visit Jaseworld? I don't know - possibly not, in which case I can live out my days in solitude or with AI beings or non-player characters. This idea reminds me of the Red Dwarf book and series 'Better Than Life' - which if you haven't read/seen - I would recommend.