Dream Home

One of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen is 'The Beach House' - 2050 Gordon Drive, Naples, Florida. I once spent a day at the beach just next to this house. It was a beautiful secluded spot. If money was no object - this is where I would choose to live. There are many stunning mansion homes along this drive - and I advise you to do a little googling on this to see what I mean.

I am as guilty as the next person for not keeping my house immaculately presented. Currently my house requires a lot of attention. Again - if you have money - then these things are easily taken care of - you buy the furnishings you want and pay someone to install them, clean and decorate the place.

One thing that I did notice whilst at Gordon Drive - There seemed to be nobody around and nobody home. The only signs of life were the Mexican gardeners - busily pruning and keeping the grounds in perfect condition. I wondered how long the owners actually get to spend there. I love being at home - and given the choice - would stay at home all the time, apart from taking regular walks in the countryside. I imagine that in order to afford such a luxurious place, you are inclined to or have to work very hard and will get little time to just relax and be calm, enjoying the comfort of your blissful residence.

If The Beach House is not for you, maybe 2440 Gordon Drive is more your thing:

If you happen to be a multi-millionaire - I'm sure you'll find something to your liking in the Port Royal area!